Where Your Mouse Can Do the Shopping

Originally published in The Moscow Times on March 9, 2000


Online store Sweet Mama caters to future mothers with very hip pre- and postnatal clothes, super-support bras and tights that hide everything. Enough to keep you browsing for at least nine months.


She'll think it took a citywide quest to find that delightful bauble. World Amber offers 316 pieces of jewelry, classified by size, weight, color and type of amber, and are produced by various manufacturers.


The Russian Force site has the first military online shop in Russia, selling paraphernalia relating to the army, aviation, navy and missile forces. Orders can be shipped throughout Russia and the world.


Through the Alean online travel agency, you can book tours, package holidays and hotels in various countries. But the destinations are less than exotic, Belarus for example.


This whimsical site selling CDs, videos, vinyls and DVDs functions when it feels like it, and delivery time can be a whopping 105 days for foreign orders f enough time for your craving for Gregorian chants to wear off, but the selection is way too large and varied for you to bear…

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