Florence Gallez is an independent documentary photojournalist and black-and-white photographer from Brussels, Belgium. Gallez is currently based in New York City, where in 2013 she relocated after receiving a master's degree in Comparative Media Studies from MIT.

Gallez received a BA degree in English and Russian from the University of London in 1996, an MSc in journalism from Boston University (with additional coursework at Harvard) in 1999, and a digital media-focused MSc from MIT in 2012.

Gallez spent eight years as a Moscow-based journalist covering Russian politics, economics, and culture for The Moscow Times, the U.S. publisher Bureau of National Affairs (Bloomberg BNA), and most recently CNN's Moscow Bureau.

In addition to her social documentary, travel photography, and independent digital media projects, Gallez has expanded her repertoire to art photography of dance performers. With a background of 12 years of ballet training prior to college, and lessons at the MIT Figure Skating Club, Gallez is currently pursuing a ballet program at New York's Peridance Capezio Center in parallel with figure skating training at the Ice House of New Jersey. A lifelong admirer of these two performance arts forms, Gallez’s practice and personal study of their technique and artistry are reflected in her photography of professional dancers, figure skaters, and ice dancers. Gallez’s recent freelance photography assignments for The Ice Theater of New York have provided plenty of such photographic opportunities and inspiration for future ones.

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